The Best Alternative - Promoting remote healthcare!

The Intellcare suite provides a high quality cost effective telemedicine platform offering doctors a convenient and clever solution to reach out to patients in remote and far-flung areas.
Local doctors or public health firms can set up remote clinics at any location where they are required via tele-health centres or mobile vans. Doctors are recruited on the system.
Intellcare’s EMR system seamlessly integrates with telemedicine services to maintain a patient’s medical history and all related information.

Intellcare Telemedicine Case Study

Rural Areas

Getting the best healthcare to rural and remote areas is a key challenge especially in developing countries

  • Access to healthcare is a huge problem.

  • Doctors don’t go to rural areas.

  • Transportation is very tough.

  • Hospitals are scarce.

  • Small diseases expand into dire problems.

How it Works

Typical Diagnosis

Intellcare Telemedicine can help provide early intervention for variety of conditions.

The Impact

A Digital Revolution!

Telemedicine Kit

Intellcare Telemedicine kit is portable, convenient, and easy to use consisting of a tablet and hand-held devices to capture a patient’s vital stats using Bluetooth during a medical Teleconsultation.
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