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Packages Modules

Enterprise Module

Organizational Setup

User Management

Patient Registration and Management

Duty Roster

Appointment Scheduling (OPD)

Out-Patient Flow Management (OPD)

Laboratory Management

Radiology Management

Pharmacy Management

Cardiology Management


In-Patient Ward Management (IPD)/(ICU/CCU)

Operation Theatre Management (OT)

Emergency/Casualty Management



Blood Bank

Patient Portal


Complaint Management System

Hospital Waste Management System

Medical Equipment Management

Central Sterilized Supply Management

Diet and Kitchen Management

SMS Alerts


Dashboard and Executive Summaries

Financial Management (Billing, Reimbursement, Cash Management, Panel Affairs/Insurance, Vendor & Employee Billing)

Intellcare Basic

Recommended for


Intellcare Premium

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Intellcare Enterprise

Recommended for Multiple Interlinked Hospitals

Value Additions

Deployment (Site Survey, Gap Analysis, Installation and Configuration, Data Preparation and Entry)* Shall be quoted separately based on the deployment parameters
Training* Shall be quoted separately based on the number of users
Support & Maintenance* Shall be quoted separately based on the specific requirements
Additional modules (Additional Specialty modules, Legacy EMR/Data Import, ERP Integration, Lab Machines Integration, Radiology Machines Integration, Customization)* Shall be quoted separately based on the specific requirements
Telemedicine * Shall be quoted separately based on the specific requirements

Package Details

Organization Setup

Use this module to manage and define your organizational hierarchy by associating the different organization units with each other.

User Management

Manage the roles and responsibilities you want to set for Intellcare users. Define the application structure as per your needs.

Patient Registration

Intellcare covers all the processes and details required to register your patients.

Duty Roster

This modules manages duty roster for the hospital’s staff and resources, e.g. nurses, doctors, wards, beds, clinics, etc.

Appointment Scheduling

Schedule all the appointments through this module to effortlessly organize and confirm appointments of patients with doctors.

OPD (Outpatient Department)

Manage complete electronic medical record (EMR) of patients visiting the OPD for treatment.


Manage and automate the processes for investigation request and delivering the results to the concerned departments or doctors in the hospital.


Automate the radiology procedure requests and delivering the results to the concerned departments or doctors.


Allow dispensation of medicines to the patient according to the prescription of the doctor.


Manage and automate cardiology procedure requests and delivering the results to concerned departments or doctor in the hospital.


Manage the business processes related to antenatal visits, case history, labour assessment and delivery details.

IPD (Inpatient Department)

The Inpatient module handles processes which cover end-to-end patient flow from admission to discharge.

OT (Operation Theater)

Control the processes which cover end-to-end patient flow from surgery recommendation to anaesthetic assessments, OT consumptions and verifications.


Handle the administering of medicines; take vitals and record the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS), prepare burn charts and advise investigation for emergency patients.


Easily manage the processes to provide immunization treatments to patients.


Facilitate physiotherapists’ to treat patients with any injury, illness or disability by recommendation of relevant therapy and exercises.

Blood Bank

Maintain information and workflows for blood donation, donors, recipients, availability of blood and blood transfusion reactions.


Manage all types of billing for short and long-term care of patients including hospital services and medicines associated with either an inpatient or an outpatient visit.

Cash Management

Process all cash management related to bill payment and cash receiving from patients.


Easily and transparently, reimburse payments to patient(s) for availed medical facilities as per panel agreements.

Vendor and Employee Billing

Provides features for referral of patients to the panel hospitals, and then bill approvals of panel hospitals.

Panel Affairs (Insurance)

Provides features to create panel organizations and to treat the patients according to their insurance limits.

Patient Portal

Provide readily available patient reports on the patient screen.

SMS Alerts

Generate important alerts to doctors, patients, hospital management and other relevant stakeholders.


Provides several reports of patients and other clinical data for accurate analysis and decision-making.


Get real-time statistical information for top management to analyse trends and to monitor the progress of the hospital.

Multiple Hospitals

Interlink multiple hospitals within the software setup allowing referrals, cross-hospital orders, patient shifting, etc.

Additional Specialty Modules

User interface and process management modules for various clinical specialties e.g. ophthalmology, dentistry, urology, etc.

Legacy EMR/Data Import

Importing clinical, administrative and business processes related data entry.

ERP Integration

Integration (for HR, general ledger, etc.) with existing ERP systems such as Oracle Financials, SAP, etc.

Lab Machines Integration

Interface (one way or two way) the Intellcare Laboratory module with lab machines for lab orders, results, etc.

Radiology Machines Integration

Interfacing Intellcare Radiology module with radiology machines and third party PACS systems.


Customization of front-end application, workflows, etc. to hospital specific needs and processes.

Site Survey

Get the Intellcare team to get an expert IT survey and sizing of your medical facility and find an optimal solution tailor-made for you.

Gap Analysis

From an As-Is to a To-Be report, we can identify all the gaps that Intellcare easily fulfil for your medical facility.

Installation and Configuration

Just leave all the implementation and configuration concerns for our team of professionals.

User Trainings

Our domain experts will conduct sessions structured perfectly to meet your needs.

Data Preparation and Entry

The Intellcare team can help with complete and comprehensive data preparation and entry to get you started!
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