Key components of the Intellcare Hospital Management Software!

Organizational Structure

Multiple organization units can be saved in the system, and can be differentiated by the organization unit nature associated with them.

Role Based Application Structure

For Employee Application Structure, roles are assigned to employees with respect to his/her appointment.

Employee Management

The system allows personal and official information of each employee to be saved in the database.

Patient Registration and Management

Add contact information of a family member and mark dependents of the primary patients.

Patient Portal

The patient portal helps in organizing patients’ clinical data, as well as in communication between the hospital staff and patient.

Duty Roster

For each employee in the hospital, duties can be assigned through this feature of the software.

Out-Patient Flow

A patient’s visit to the doctor can be confirmed in any OPD of the hospital according to the duty roster.

In Patient – Ward Management

Assign duties for each employee in the hospital through this software feature.

Laboratory Management

Laboratory Management allows a user to generate laboratory orders.

Radiology Management

Use this feature to make an appointment for radiology procedures.

Cardiology Management

Cardiology Management allows a user to generate cardiology orders.

Pharmacy Management

Pharmacy Management includes the setup of pharmacy items.

Operation Theater Management

The OT module handles processes that cover end-to-end patient flow from surgery recommendation to OT verification.


Business processes related to antenatal visits, case history, labor assessment and delivery details are managed through the GYN/OBS module.


Clinical assessment of the patient is performed in the ICU/CCU module e.g. vitals, ventilator and ABG parameters, etc.


In the pediatric clinic, clinical services and quality care can be provided to child patients.


Through vaccination, module immunization treatment is provided.

Emergency / Casualty Management

This module manages the processes to administer medicine, take vitals and record GCS.


Through the physiotherapy module, physiotherapy procedures can be advised from the Patient Encounter Form.

Diet and Kitchen Management

This module covers the processes that are required for diet management.

Billing and reimbursement

Panel-referral requests are managed according to different categories.

Complaint Management System

Manage the registered complaints and relevant data.

Hospital Waste Management System

The Waste management System records the details of activities that are required to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal.

Medical Equipment Management

In the Medical Equipment Management Module, the schedule is defined for the periodic maintenance of medical equipment.

Central Sterilized Supply Management

This module handles the processes of sterilization, and issuance of sterile goods and equipment to patient-care areas within health services.

Blood Bank

Blood Bank Module handles processes involved in donation, screening of blood, blood requisition to issuance, and transfusion at ward etc.


The stock report of each organization unit can be printed.

Dashboard and Executive Summaries

Users can view the hospital metrics of OPD and executive details for a specific date or date interval.

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